The KSD podcast was launched on the 14 March 2021, the podcast focus on different topics including love, career, Spirituality, dating, sex , success, health and marriage. The Podcast focuses more on inspirational stories and has met with an overwhelmingly warm response. 


Understanding relationships better with Sammy and Karabo

Impact is the name of the game!! Everything about the KSD Podcast!!

Why women date some guys!!

Sex is a Spiritual thing with Karabo and Minister Chris

We had a great conversation on how to rely on God at all times. 

Be mindful on your spiritual Journey with Karabo and Minister Chris- | Fake pastors | Sex | God

How I lost my virginity with Teddy and Karabo

This episode is about how COVID-19 affects different people in different ways.

How corona virus impacted us . | Corona Virus | Working from home | Relationships

This episode is about why guys go to prostitutes and what happens when you there.

This is our first Podcast and we were just having general conversations

KSD Podcast with Karabo and Ruly Quan (upcoming Rapper)
KSD Podcast with Karabo and Minister Chris – | God | Jesus| Spirituality| Kingdom of God

How to find a spiritual connection with God. We had a dope conversation about God, spirituality, faith, Jesus and The Kingdom of God.

KSD Podcast with Karabo and Minister Chris- | Drug addiction | Mental health | Depression

This podcast explians how Minister Chris got in to drugs and how he overcame drugs and depression.