Umhlaba Ngowakho single is out

The song is about not giving up and going for your dreams no matter what happens, never lose hope.

Fans have given the new track a stamp of their approval, reckoning that it slaps hard.
It is no secret that good music slaps harder when grove spots are open and lately we have seen a resurgence in the release of new music. KSD Musiq has been gearing up to release his E.P and fans are already waiting with bated breaths.

New song alert: KSD teams up with Various artists

KSD in studio with various artists

The Gods have answered our prayers! KSD and Various artists, have a new song titled KEEPITSTRAIGHT. The exciting news was shared by KSD on his Instagram page on Wednesday morning. He shared a snap with artists

As expected, the news was met with a lot of excitement with fans expressing the fact that they can’t wait to hear the new track.

Speaking about his upcoming Mixtape Tiitled “THE INSPIRING STORY” which is dropping this December.

The Inspirational story Mixtape

The inspirational story (mixtape)

Often when we tend to get excited about a talented Dj, when the novelty wears off, their project doesn’t have a place in conversation against the works of the greats; the ones who have the benefit of experience in addition to their talent and/or skill. This is not the case in 2019. As a holistic work, KSD’s The inspirational Story  Challenges them all. The impressive arsenal of instrumentation using different artists to complete the tracks as a DJ.

The tracklisting, versatility, miscellaneous flows, introspective content, delivery, varied subject matter from different artists all come together to create what is quitefrankly still an extremely modern day classic in 2019

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