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My Name is Karabo Sifiso Dube also known as KSD MusiQ. I am a Producer/Dj/Entrepreneur, I have always been in love with music so much  that when I was done with Varsity I decided to start my own Record Label. I was an Educator and managed my students who were artists at the time at a local school in Dawnpark known as Falcon educational school. They were a Group of  buys and called themselves “Black Shrill”‘. The group did not last long because of them finishing school and going separate ways. I then decided to make my on house music and have vocalists jump on the track because it was really hard to keep an artist in my label and I had so much love for House music. So I decided to focus on myself and make music with other producers and Dj in my studio.

I have a podcast that I have started with my friend called KSD podcast which is currently being distributed on Youtube and I use Anchor for the distribution of audio to digital platforms like Spotify.

 I own a clothing brand known as KSD wear, I have taken it upon myself to create caps and T-shirts that I always wanted to wear, but couldn’t find anywhere and create music that is unique.

KSD WEAR is a brand that will forever celebrate the diverse average South African person that knows what he/she wants . KSD wear general brand could be assimilated with all things colourful and adding on to with impressive different colours:


Chris Magical- Old Me Gone


Chris Magical has teased a possible transition to gospel music after the release of his first Gospel single titled “OLD ME GONE”, which is doing well at the moment.

The hit-maker shared the emotional video on Youtube sharing his thoughts about venturing into gospel and also shared possible fears of leaving himself behind and surrendering to the greater power.

Umhlaba Ngowakho Single is out!!

KSD MusiQ ft Chris Magical- Umhlaba Ngowakho

The song is about not giving up and going for your dreams no matter what happens, never lose hope.

Fans have given the new track a stamp of their approval, reckoning that it slaps hard.
It is no secret that good music slaps harder when grove spots are open and lately we have seen a resurgence in the release of new music. KSD Musiq has been gearing up to release his E.P (African Dream) and fans are already waiting with bated breaths.

We chat to musicians making waves in the SA music scene* Chris Magical

Chris Magical
“At an age of 28 years Chris Magical has string of radio hits under his belt and after months in the studio, the young Hip Hop RnB star is just about to release his debut studio album “Miracles” Continue reading We chat to musicians making waves in the SA music scene* Chris Magical

Chris Magical joins KSD Music Productions


Image result for chrismagical

After waving goodbye to His previous situation with the former record label.Chris Magical has now signed with KSD MUSIC PRODUCTIONS .

The announcement was made through the release of a short video on social media on Monday.

The clip, which sees Chris freestyling, ends with her revealing the KSD MUSIC PRODUCTION logo on a sheet hung up on a washing line.

“We would like to welcome one of the best talents in South Africa, an incredible male singer/rapper and songwriter @ChrisMagical to the A-Team,” KSD Entertainment posted on their official Twitter account.

We now working on his new album Titled “MIRACLES” stay tuned.