Karabo Sifiso Dube (founder of KSD WEAR) told fans that he always loved wearing caps, but it was never a big deal to him. “I just wore what I liked when I felt like it. However, as time went by my style and love for fashion connected me to people and opportunities that made me see the value in it and how much relatable style is.

Karabo has taken it upon himself to create caps that he always wanted to wear, but couldn’t find anywhere.

Karabo Dube  is undoubtedly one of the most talented Music Producer we have in Mzansi, he’s been dubbed by fans as the new King of house music after releasing hit after hit. The musicians  wardrobe choice have however made headlines recently and he’s now opened up to clear the air.

The “Bas’valela ngaphandle” hit maker revealed in a recent interview that he had pulled back plans of launching a clothing line.


Bucket Hats with different colours- R150 each


Black X White Caps – R150 each


R150 – Unisex Solid Color Knitted Wool  Beanie- White x Black

R150- Unisex Solid Color Knitted Wool  Beanie – Black x White

R150 each-Unisex Solid Color Beanie and Cap- White x Red x Black


R150 each-Unisex Solid Color Beanie and Cap- White x Black


Maroon Visor Cap R120 each


Blue Visor cap- R120 each


White and Maroon-Visor Cap  R120 each


White and Maroon-Visor Cap  R120 each


Unisex T-Shirt(Black and Red) with Godly messages- R250 each


Unisex T-Shirt(Black and White) with Godly messages R250 each
Camouflage cap and green Bucket hat- R150 each
Happy Colour Caps and Hats- R150 each


Contact us on: Whatsapp: 0818635162 | Email– ksdinspirations@gmail.com

KSD WEAR is a brand that will forever celebrate the diverse person that knows what he/she wants.

The Goal of KSD Entertainment with KSD Wear

We want to penetrate the regional market and accomplish selling out to the rest of Africa, a outfit that’s never been done before. The grind is more real than ever before.

What does fashion mean to us.

FASHION is freedom and that’s the feeling we feel throughout our journey in music. Free to create entire worlds with these outfits and the music they come to life on. Free to be ourselves with no apologies. Free to express and try to understand this life and world better.

Hip-hop is actually just life..

THE KSD wear brand is a new South African clothing line that provides street cred to the fashion-conscious.

It’s the brainchild of businessman Karabo Dube from Harding in the East of Joburg in Dawnpark.

Starting a clothing business wasn’t easy and he battled to get his stuff designed, which cost a lot.

“We used to sell from our backroom. I used to deliver the clothes using taxis to go to townships in and around Joburg.

“The reason we started this business was to motivate young people, irrespective of where they came from.”


We sells caps, Buckethats and T-shirts. The prices range from R150 to R200.

“We come from the rural area of Harding. We living proof that anything is possible if you believe in your dreams.”