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My Name is Karabo Sifiso Dube also known as KSD MusiQ. I am a Producer/Dj/Entrepreneur, I have always been in love with music so much  that when I was done with Varsity I decided to start my own Record Label.

I was an Educator and managed my students who were artists at the time at a local school in Dawnpark known as Falcon educational school. They were a Group of  buys and called themselves “Black Shrill”‘. The group did not last long because of them finishing school and going separate ways. I then decided to make my on house music and have vocalists jump on the track because it was really hard to keep an artist in my label and I had so much love for House music. So I decided to focus on myself and make music with other producers and Dj in my studio.

I have a podcast that I have started with my friend called KSD podcast which is currently being distributed on Youtube and I use Anchor for the distribution of audio to digital platforms like Spotify.

 I own a clothing brand known as KSD wear, I have taken it upon myself to create caps and T-shirts that I always wanted to wear, but couldn’t find anywhere and create music that is unique.

KSD WEAR is a brand that will forever celebrate the diverse average South African person that knows what he/she wants . KSD wear general brand could be assimilated with all things colourful and adding on to with impressive different colours:

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