We chat to musicians making waves in the SA music scene* Chris Magical

Chris Magical
“At an age of 28 years Chris Magical has string of radio hits under his belt and after months in the studio, the young Hip Hop RnB star is just about to release his debut studio album “Miracles”

1. *You’ve had an impressive start to your career so far but where did your passion for music begin*
> I would say my passion for music began after I was scouted by my grade 4 teacher at an early age, I loved the feeling performing gave me and I just couldn’t get off after that. Making an impact with music is an incredibly feeling

2. *you’re only 28 years.what is your advantage by being so young and already in the international music space*
> I think that because I started when I was so young, I was able to hone my skills in terms of songwriting and performing. I am only 28 years old so I will continue to hone those skills. I always say that knowledge and experience is power and I think that plays drastically to my advantage.

3. *Broken Mirror your single, really made an impact. Why do you think so many people indetified with that particular song?*

> I think Broken Mirror resonated with a lot more people because it’s extremely international sounding. Most South African think it’s an international artist not from Africa and having the song appeal to audiences around the world & not just South Africa has helped people identify with it.

4. *You then worked with the late Babalwa on the follow-up single Undiphakamisile. What was that experience like?*

> The experience I had working on Undiphakamisile was very soul touching and heart healing, it was incredible being on a song with Babalwa who was my sister, it is always great collaborating with talented artists, and she was one person who i truly felt is one of SA’s best

5. *You’re about to release your debute album “Miracles” what made you want call it that*

> I’ve lost important people in my life so unexpectedly & unbelievable “Dimakatso & Babalwa Mangaliso which they mean Miracles, “It’s been very cathartic, It definitely has not been easy to lose such an integral parts of my being, but being a musician, our pain, sorrow, happiness or disappointments are
expressed through songs, and that is what propelled me to take it to the studio and celebrate their lives”

6. *What can the audience expect to hear on the tracks off the project?*

> The sound is unbelievable so its a miracle music. I’ve kept true to the international influence fans have come to know me for. If you like Broken Mirror, you will love this album.

7. *The album has heavy Rnb & Hip Hop focus.what drew you to this direction with your sound?*

> I like RnB, I like Hip Hop, I like pop i think the genre’s get everybody’s attention & describes who I am. I think the genre’s popularity speaks volumes and I wanted to be at the forefront.

8. *Now that the album is about to be out, what does 2019 have in store for you*

> Promoting and performing none stop, I am constantly working on new music and I hope to release more new music in 2019. In fact, I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve so stay tuned.


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