Our Top 5 Singles to look out for this year

One thing we can appreciate this year is the great music that has come from our artist in the label

A top five list is not enough as they was far too many songs that had us sweating on the dance floor. However here is our top 5 list of our personal favourites.

KSD ft various artist

Realised this year “raining in the air” is one of the songs you could not ignore, even other artists had to jump on the track and do the greatest freestyle we’ve heard in a while.

Chris Magical – Tattoo

Firstly, The entire debut album was a master piece, probably one of the best locally produced album in our opinon. There are far too many songs to choose from, but this particular single really holds a special place in our hearts.

Madu- I’m Many We trust

Have you ever experienced Madu perform this song live? If so, then you’d know why In Madu we trust” has made it onto this list. What a amazing song.

Chris Magical ft babalwa- Undiphakamisile

You can never go wrong with chris magical on a track condsering that Chris is a new artist in the game, he definitely will own 2019 with this banger

KSD-ft various artist

The favarite amongst the fans , Up in the studio” was definity one of those songs that were in high rotation in clubs and on many radio stations.

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