The Rise of Chrismagical

Trapper/Singer born on July 02 1991 in Johannesburg,raised by his Grandmother in East London moved to Johannesburg in 2005 following the sound of music, Chris Magical is already on his way to expand his music with his smooth vocals and his magical rapping lines, growing up in a small town of roughly 5,000 people. He was born an entertainer, he started enjoying singing since pre-school and was inspired by such musical artists as Usher, Celine Dion, Sisqo, Boys2Men and Chris Brown.

He also showed off his rapping prowessand he was inspired by Fabulous, G Unit, Ludacris, T.I, Bone Thugs,B.O.B,and Lil wayne, as much as chris got into music since he got advices from his School teacher, he started realizing other artists and he positioned him self, figured his style and categories his music genre as Hip Hop, AfroPop, RnB.

Chris Magical was discovered by his pastor in 2008 with his friend,brother
and music collaborator “Quinton QT Johnson” The pastor who took them
to enter a talent search,so blessed they took 1st place and won 1st
price, they started recording 5 songs as a collaboration which made them
both be known from their neigbourhood from then they won every talent
search they entered until they stopped going for talent searches.
Chris & QT Said “we gotta give others a chance we can’t be always wining,
sometimes even wining before we perform,the crowd already knew”. We
got the word all we need is to be heard”

Chris Magical and QT were also in 2010 discovered by Justin Austen De
Jager from Switzerland who own businesses and a record company
“the first thing that hit me was their lyrics” justin told his friends “i
thought these boys are already stars”.Justin eventually took them and
helped them land a full mixed and mastered unreleased album in Pretoria
where they learned studio microphone tricks and voice control,
they went from home for a tour to work on their unreleased album and
they both reckon that was the best time of their lives as they always
dream of 2010 to be like from a young age.

Justin always said: Chris Magical and QT have to be heard. in 2012 Chris decided to go solo and he was discovered online by Oscar Torrentos from USA California who he helped him get different Domains, he supported him,guided him and advised him about the package, artist profile and fan base until Chris made his name worldwide he ranked Number 1 local and Number 43 global for 2 years on reverbnation charts, he ranked Number 1 on Fame music for 5 weeks.

In 2013 he was featured on International Muse Mixtape hosted by Bubba Sparxxx from U.S.A featured: with artists like Cory Guns of CASHMONEYRECORDS, Ant B’, Benjamin Michaels etc and Chris Magical was the only South African artist on the tape published & promoted by Amplify Productions.

From USA California Chris says he will keep coming with new songs until he retires, he always dream of selling his music Worldwide he was living dangerously, until he realized that his world is quiet without ear phones, he formed a clique namely “Heart Attack Department” with his homie a crew with several rappers as Q, Trauma, Poizen, Inner, T William, dash,etc. but most of them stopped doing music and Chris kept singing as a solo artist, they still support him.

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