Plans for this year

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We don’t get could up trying to explain to people what our music is. It is aimed to be heard and to be felt. We also like that fast traditional music, on a instrumentation level, it’s really cool. We like dancing and having fun. South Africa is a dancing nation. We think that defining who we are as Musicians we must run away from that, the plan is to create good music.

That’s what happens when you’re pioneering a sound that is so unique it doesn’t fall into any category that already exists. It started of when we all realised that we share the same passion for music and recognised one anthers talents.

 Plans for this year

We like keeping things simple. We want make sure that our music still becomes a bigger and better experience, still focusing on the  first Album, most importantly, expose ourselves to other parts of Africa and grow the brand by continuing to make music the South Africans loves to hear.

We want to penetrate the regional market and accomplish selling out to the rest of Africa, a feature that’s never been done before. The grind is more real than ever before.




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