We call it street Music. We paint a picture of street life, we tell stories that we witness from the streets, we share tears, we build and give you all the deleted scenes. This music is inspired by our surroundings.

We are glad to be a part of a revolutionary era in the South African music industry. Hip hop, House and Rn’B has come a long way and we are all out here trying to make a mark and be remembered for our individual input. The likes of Amu ,skwatta kamp, mafikizolo just to mention a few have paved the way for us and I think it’s important that we unite and be selfless and lay a solid foundation for future generations to not experience our hardships.

We make music hoping people will appreciate it. We want to position ourselves in people’s hearts. No limits.

We plan to appeal to a broad market as possible. It would be amazing to have people from many different backgrounds and walks of life relating to and enjoying what we do. We just want to keep making innovative, relatable music and grow from there.

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