The Come up of KSDinspirations


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The Come Up

The come-up has always been one crucial stage in any artists journey. Some start off as fire-spitters and quickly (sometimes too quickly) grap the attention of the masses; others find themselves along the way, picking up jewels and learning from failures. Either way, it’s really important to keep an ear on the streets to find out who’s next to go to the big leagues. Check out this edition’s pick of hip hop artists on the come-up who we think you should not sleep on.


The inspirational story(mixtape), Positive vibes only(mixtape). Having started his music career all the way back in 2011, so far this Dj/Producer are steadily building up the hype, and so far so good. In 2016 KSD managed to perform with an A-list line-up of South African hiphop Dj’s and performers at the block avenue. KSD is really on the way up fast, and if the earlier KSD records haven’t convinced you yet, then believe us when we say his the one to look for.


Really wavey with their sound, KSD brought something very different from what our culture usually gets to hear. The Mixtape is great (Positive vibes only), We definitely commend his pursuit to bring some variety in the game. Now watch the rise.

Now here’s a man who has been consistent with the music. With their latest mixtape( Positive Vibes) out now, its quit clear that something is bubbling from the rappers and we should all be ready to witness the glory coming up very soon.

Did you  anticipate that you would have such a unique voice in the streets?

I had hope for positive results to actually see a change in our music status,but you can’t really foresee how it’s going to happen, because you don’t know whats going to happen. So actually just seeing us pop off was a pleasant surprise to everyone around me, and every time someone tweets saying “Positive vibes only” is a jam it makes me happy. It’s something we couldn’t have said would happen, but of course we knew and its really nice to hear other peoples reactions.


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