A New great controversial female


A New great controversial female artist by the name of Madu partners with KSD Music Productions. She is strong minded and believes that sensitivity gets you nowhere. She is able to move the crowed and she’s able to relay her writhing well. Basically she is a complete package. She has charisma,presence,articulation and for the most, a good lyricist. It’s something that comes naturally and she is one of the most humble rappers you can meet and has a really accessible style. A great blend of ambition and  very political. She’s constant in her approach and delivery and goes an extra mile to always put on a great song.

Her new single is out Titled- “In Madu We trust”. The result is a song which crackles with righteous anger, and the darkest of humor metaphors. This song itself can help trigger positive changes and it’s something we’ve never heard before which will make a huge difference in the game.

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