Welcome to the KSD wear store

KSD WEAR is a brand that will forever celebrate the diverse person that knows what he/she wants.


The Goal of KSD Wear

We want to penetrate the regional market and accomplish selling out to the rest of Africa, a outfit that’s never been done before. The grind is more real than ever before.

What does fashion mean to us.

FASHION is freedom and that’s the feeling we feel throughout our journey in music. Free to create entire worlds with these outfits and the music they come to life on. Free to be ourselves with no apologies. Free to express and try to understand this life and world better.

“The reason we started this business was to motivate young people, irrespective of where they came from.”

We sells Caps, Buckethats and T-shirts. The prices range from R150 to R300.

“We come from the rural area of Harding. We living proof that anything is possible if you believe in your dreams.”